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Download Snapchat for iPad 2018

If you are a Snapchat lover and prefer to use Snapchat for iPad instead of using it on your Android or iPhone all the time. A lot of people search about snapchat for iPad download but all of their efforts go in vain as don’t find anything useful. A lot of third-party apps are available these days to access your account but these apps are not as much use due to their interface and ads. I prefer to access all the social media apps on my iPad but before this hack, for snapchat iPad, I have to use my phone.

Download Snapchat for iPad 2018

Here I will tell you about the different ways with which you can access the snapchat on your iPad mini or iPad pro. These ways also have some disadvantages but all the features will be available in the app.

Snapchat is a social media application that helps you to stay in touch with your family and friends due to its interactive messaging system. Share the important events of your life using this app which will be disappeared after 24 hours. Moreover, you will also get a notification if anyone takes a screenshot of your snap. You can add the attractive emojis and stickers on your stories to look them more interesting. Snapchat has evolved over the times and now have become a major part of social media apps.

Why Get Snapchat on iPad?

Now you can get the snapchat for iPad pro and snapchat for iPad air 2. These days everyone is crazy about using snapchat as it is the most popular application among the youth of today. It is now available on almost all the platforms with millions of users all across the globe. You can share your story with anyone and can listen to their stories as well.

There are a lot of perks of using snapchat on iPad which are listed below.

  • no matter what you are watching whether you are viewing the story of your friend eating at a good place or your sister making something good in the kitchen, you can use snapchat on higher resolution screens with your iPad. The clarity and details of the picture will be much better than the phone.
  • If you are a drawing lover and wants to draw a different kind of things on your friend’s story or on your own, you can do it in a better way by using snapchat for iPad free download. One cant draw in details on the phone due to their low screen size. You can draw a masterpiece on your iPad due to the large display size.
  • The loading time on the iPhone and the Android device is much more than the iPad. Because the iPad has much faster processors than the other devices. So your stories will be loaded much faster on your iPad mini.
  • The snapchat for iPad free download allows you to have your private conversations conveniently. So enjoy the app on the best resolution device.

The only disadvantage this hack will have is the smaller resolution. you will enjoy the resolution of iPhone 8 plus on your large iPad device.

Snapchat for iPad features 

You may be curious about knowing about the snapchat for iPad features. You don’t need to be worried as I have mentioned all the features below that will you enjoy on your device.

  • Send and receive photos, videos from your friends or family by using both front and back cameras. both the cameras are accessible on snapchat for iPad pro.
  • You can view the stories sent in by someone and can also respond to them by sending messages.
  • Send money to anyone on snapchat who have activated SnapCash on his account.
  • You can also see the top 3 friends of your friend and also their score on snapchat.
  • Now with the new feature from the snapchat, you can now view the stories in the magazine section from different brands and celebrities, one can also subscribe to them.
  • Text and Crayon options are also available so you can draw in a better way on your snapchat stories.

How to get Snapchat for iPad

Now I will come to the main reason everyone is here for. How you can get this amazing application on your iPad. Just follow the following instructions and enjoy the snapchat on your iPad.

  • Open the app store on your iPad and access all the available applications.
  • You will see the option of purchased apps at the bottom it means the apps you have downloaded on your iPhone.
  • Go the purchased apps option and select the iPhone apps.
  • Then search for the snapchat app which you will have already on your phone.
  • Tap on the download button and enjoy the snapchat for iPad.

If you want to download it directly you can get it from the link given below. I hope you will now be able to enjoy snapchat on your iPad device.


Download Snapchat for iPad 2018

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